EvoDental are the UK’s leading “smile in a day” experts using dental implants and 21st-century oral bioengineering techniques. The EvoSolution™, exclusive to us, is unparalleled in value when balancing price against quality of service and product.

There are 6 million people that need this treatment, right now. Our ultimate goal is to treat as many of these people as possible. But we only have the capacity to treat a certain number. Which is why we want to collaborate with the correct clinicians in locations that our patients already travel from and create an environment that is beneficial for all.

By working with clinicians, we can make the treatment available to more patients and help them benefit from the EvoSolution™, and both you and Evo will be financially compensated for your efforts.

You can earn up to £1000 per patient treated, depending upon your skillset, location and what stages of the treatment you are clinically competent to assist us with. To find out how the remuneration works click here.


No fee is paid unless the PATIENT chooses to proceed with EvoSolution™ after considering all other treatment options. You are also required to assist us in various parts of patient journey.

If become an Evo Premier Partner we will mentor you in dental implantology and give you the skills to treat more complex implant cases, assist us with more stages of your patients treatment and earn more for your services.

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