Thursday 17th January 2019

The Problem

Perhaps the most complex, and certainly the most contentious condition any dentist has to face is the treatment of terminally dentate or Edentulous Patients. Faced with such severe and potentially controversial treatment options, it’s not surprising that many dental professionals are reluctant, or unable, to tackle it head on.

Traditionally, intervention has been traumatic and drawn out, or a partial fix that’s less than satisfactory to dentist or patient. But such is the scale of the problem that on average, you’re likely to see a patient every day with this potentially life-changing condition.

As professionals we know you want to offer the right course of correction – but how can you be sure, when you recommend treatment elsewhere, that you’re not losing a patient for good?

The Solution

Evodental can support the needs of your patients and your practice, and help you. We only offer this one procedure the EvoSolution, exclusive to Evo. We’ve built our reputation on it. And now we’re looking to find partners who’ll work with us, to help more people get the treatment they need to place and restore fully functioning, healthy teeth again. That’s why we need to train a network of EvoAssist clinicians to diagnose and triage suitable cases for our state-of-the-art Supercentres in Liverpool and London. For every successful case we work together on, you’ll earn up to £2000 of EVO credits that can be taken as cash or saved and put towards our business and clinical development programmes; after all its our long-term aim to teach all of our partners how to treat their patients using implantology before they need to come to EVO. If neither of those options suits you, we’ve teamed up with some of the leading dental technology companies so that you can use your EVO credits towards digital dental technology for your practice. We’ve even secured you a discount on the list price!

This is NOT a referral fee – it is very much a fee for collaboration for assisting your patient through the Evo journey. Together, we can correct patients with our EvoSolution: not merely an aesthetic fix, but a full jaw correction with dental implants and fixed teeth. We can make your patients smile again, in just one day. And it starts with you.

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Statistically, every dentist in the UK will see 1 patient who is terminally dentate or edentulous in 1 or both jaws per day

Join the EvoPartner programme


By diagnosing cases and assisting us in correcting them you can earn £2000 + for every one of your patients who choose to have Full Jaw reconstruction using EvoSolution™.


We only perform implant procedures day in day out. If, as an EvoPartner, you’re interested in implantology then we’re happy to teach you. We have devised both clinical and business development programs to help you develop your career no matter what stage you are at now.


At Evo, we ONLY use digital workflows. As an EvoPartner, we will teach you and your team to integrate digital workflows into your daily practice. You can also use your EVO credits to buy digital dental technology at a discount add rate!


Why EvoDental?

EvoDental are are the UK’s leading “smile in a day” experts using dental implants and 21st century oral bioengineering techniques. The EvoSolution™, exclusive to us, is unparalleled in value when balancing price against quality of service and product.

What’s required of me as an Evo Assistant?

We’ll train you to be able to determine that the patient is terminally dentate, ready for oral rehabilitation, and may benefit from correction with EvoSolution. And you’ll talk to patients about the cost of correction, and the true nature of treatment (that we don’t offer simple aesthetic solutions).

What is the potential uplift in revenue for me?

We will get the clinician to the point of placing at least 50 implants per year safely and predictably (if they place and restore that’s an addition £75k turnover if they just restore them that’s an additional £25k per year)

What technology will I receive?

The reward programme provides their partner clinicians with intra oral scanners, chairside wet milling machines, cadcam software, pc’s and training worth over £30k.

When do we pay you your EvoAssist Fee?

No fee is paid unless the PATIENT chooses to proceed with EvoSolution™ after considering all other treatment options. You are also required to Assist us in various parts of patient journey. THIS FEE IS NOT PAYABLE FOR JUST REFERRING YOUR PATIENT

But what do your patients think?

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